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The African Sensation emerged when three brothers combined their musical skill set to tour internationally to exhibit mastery in creative instrumentation. Their robust performances create a unique sound by playing the Kora, Kalimba, Balafons, Endongo,Tama, and various forms of percussion accompanied by raspy vocals.

This fresh sound has a combination of original and traditional repertoire, which echoes a themed narrative: unity and humanity. Richard Sewagudde, James Kiwuwa, and Kinobe produce acoustic melodies and compelling lyrics while creating authentic connections with their audiences of ages. Elements of global influences are intertwined in the fabric of their presentations that have been expressed across he world in educational institutions, organizations, and festivals. Memorable, cultural experiences were created by collaborative exchanges with choirs and young audiences from an educational journey rooted firmly in Africa.

The musical careers of all three brothers was embedded in their DNA, coming from a musically gifted family they grew up outside the wall of a royal palace near Kannyange. Everyday, along with other youth they would peek over the walls to see captivating performances and listen to the beat of the drums. Kinobe, the eldest brother, began his career at age nine as a member of his school's music ensemble. His achievements ushered him unto the world's stage at age twelve with his first stop being in the Netherlands. Since then he and his brothers' fresh soul music has received a high demand for increasing exposure internationally.

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