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The “Global Junction” unites 3 musicians, from Africa and North America, to create music and give birth to a universal musical expression. They glean from the influences of African Roots, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Latin and R&B, producing a unique improvisational experience – a fine point between Acoustic and powerful Electric sounds. Pianist Simon George, a graduate of UNC Asheville, met Kinobe in 2010 while the Uganda musician was touring in the United States.

An impromptu evening jam session in Charlotte, NC was the inception of a meaningful friendship. Later, in 2012, Simon visited Africa to perform with Kinobe and shortly after he traveled to Cuba as part of his school’s exchange program. Kinobe and Simon continued to write music together, and in November 2014, they hit the studio to collaborate on their debut Album. Kinobe, had seen the amazing Phil Bronson play drums during a set in 2012, there they exchanged contacts, but would not speak again until 2 years later. Consequently, in conversation about finding a drummer, Kinobe and Simon learned they had Phill in common. Furthermore, from that moment on it was settled in their hearts these chance meetings were actually divine connections.

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