Linda Nabasa, affectionately known as Nada is a prolific writer known to intellectually challenge and provoke social change amongst her audiences with her incredible songwriting and performance based poems. Furthermore, she employs her gifted writing as a platform to advocate for women and young girls: “I always seek to write about social issues….and how strong a woman is, her talent, love, challenges and perseverance… Consequently, she founded Bead World: “Although I use poetry to speak for women I have always felt that I could do more….” As an ambassador in her own right, she is the first female Ugandan artist to use her artistic craft as a platform to garner global attention to social issues and economic empowerment.

Nada, effortlessly reflects the face of the 21st-century African woman, she speaks on behalf of the voiceless and marginalized: “Although I use poetry to speak for women I have always felt that I could do more…. While her play on words is intellectually stimulating her slam poetry and songwriting will ignite a universal fire that will burn in the depths of the souls of her audiences and their responses to her insightful lyrics will fan the flames of a social and economic revolution. Never the less, Nada’s music shall become the soundtrack that accompanies the narrative of the African woman’s journey as she rises from the ashes of her past to embrace the beauty of her tomorrow.

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