“And a Child shall lead them…” During this season, let the children lead us … in song.
Since the dawn of time, music remains as the most powerful and positive transformative spiritual experience. Meanwhile, the very first musical instrument was not man-made rather a living, thinking, singing soul that sang songs of Sinza (worship).
Despite popular schools of thought, the sole purpose of human existence is to offer worship (sinza). Sinza Gospel Choir composes an incomparable sound that creatively tells a story of eternity and redemption. Beyond the borders of Africa, this fascinating African musical group of children from the ages of 7-15 leads global audiences in sinza stories and songs birthed from the agony of affliction.
The rich, passion-driven rhythms of Sinza will narrate a story that promises to deeply engage audiences through out to experience a metamorphosis of love, joy and worship. Through this powerful story telling many children in African countries and the world are uplifted from despair and depression as a consequence from living as orphans, homeless, or living in abject poverty. Along with the members of Sinza, we shall worship God by raising awareness of these social injustices and work to bring creative, persistent, and enduring change for the children of Africa.
While we remember the words to songs much sooner than the words we read, Sinza functions as a bridge to bring people closer to God through the healing nature of their melodious songs. Meanwhile their lyrics reveal why Jesus Christ said, “Forbid not the children come to me, for such is the Kingdom of heaven.” Sinza Gospel Choir has chosen to fulfill the mandate to empower the 21st century vulnerable child as stated by Isaiah, “And the children shall lead them.”

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